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Snow and Ice

Snow Depth (SSM/IS)

This product, derived from the SSM/IS microwave sensor, provides daily updates on land snow depth, ranging from 0 to 400 mm. It's generated by FNMOC and distributed through a Shared Processing Program involving NOAA, the US Air Force, and US Navy. OSDPD converts it into HDF-EOS and WMO BUFR formats for user access.

POES (DMSP)| Resolution: 25km | Frequency: Daily

AutoSnow - Snow and Ice Cover

GMASI utilizes data from various satellite sensors in visible, infrared, and microwave bands to create daily global snow and ice maps. The system includes METOP-B/C AVHRR, GPM GMI, and GCOM-W1 AMSR2. These 2-km resolution maps cover the entire globe on a 9000 x 18000 grid and are provided in NetCDF and GRIB2 formats. Daily maps are archived at NCEI/CLASS for public access.

POES and GOES | Resolution: 2km | Frequency: Daily

Automated Snow Mapping System

The automated snow mapping system combines data from GOES-Imager, NOAA-AVHRR, and DMSP-SSM/IS to generate daily snow cover maps for North America.

GOES and POES | Resolution: 1/25/Degree | Frequency: Daily