Update #2: Svalbard, McMurdo, Darmstadt and FCDAS TectiaSSH instances have been rolled back to 6.4.  While Svalbard GS FTS connections to the NSOF and the CBU MDMZ have been nominal since the rollback, Team will resume working on the GS FTS inbound issues delivering SGE reports to the NSOF and the CBU MDMZ at 13:00z.  


Topic: JPSS CGS EM-File Transfer Outage impacting TLE and SGE report transfer To/From Ground Stations To/From CGS Landing Zones

Date/Time Issued: July 6, 2024, 0511Z

Product or Data Impacted: The JPSS CGS Ground Station Stored Mission Data Ground Equipment (SGE) reports and Two Line Elements(TLE) are currently not available due to EM-FTS outage at the Ground Stations, brought about by accidental install of newer Tectia version(6.6).  Efforts are in work to roll back Tectia version to current Operational version.

Date/Time of Initial Impact:   July 2, 2024  

Date/Time of Expected End: July 5, 2024 2200Z

Length of the Outage/Event: ~ 3 days (unplanned)

Details/Specifics of Change: During the JPSS CGS Mx2.7 I&T installs, an accidental Installation of Tectia 6.6 was done to SVL, McM, Darmstadt (& FCDAS) to Operational Ground Stations. I&T GS (SVICOEMF201,202) , MCICOEMF201,202) (WSICOEMF201,202) (FBICOEMF201,202) got mistakenly installed out to Actual Ground Stations (SVACOEMF201,202), (MCACOEMF201,202), (DSACOEMF201,202) (FBACOEMF201,202). The Actual GS Tectia 6.6 update is still being planned after a Tectia 6.6 checkout on Mx2.7 in I&T. We have enlisted LGSS support to normalize non-NOAA site Ground Stations by rolling back Tectia to current Operational Version( Version 6.4).   Manual File Transfers will be initiated if rollback efforts fail.  


Contact information for further information: ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov or 301-817-3880 24x7 or ross.cox@noaa.gov during normal business hours

Web Site(s) for applicable information:  N/A

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