Update #4: NOAA-20 ATMS products have been validated for operational use by the NOAA Cal/Val team. IDPS subscriptions and deliveries of NOAA-20 ATMS products to the operational NDE and NCCF environments have been enabled for February 05, 2024 21:00:00 UTC, and products are available for distribution to PDA users.

Subscription activation of other instructions will occur throughout the week as the NOAA Cal/Val team continues their evaluation. The tentative activation schedule is as follows:

VIIRS: Tuesday, February 06 (afternoon Eastern)

CrIS: Wednesday, February 07 (sometime after 15:00 Eastern)

OMPS: Thursday, 08 (afternoon Eastern)

Update #3: Engineering returned NOAA-20 to Mission Point Mode at 4:12:52 UTC on February 4, 2024, JDAY 035, REV 32189. ATMS was placed in operational mode at 12:32:22 UTC. CERES was placed in operational mode at 12:33:52 UTC. OMPS was placed in operational mode at 14:14:15 UTC. VIIRS was placed in operational mode at 15:57:19 UTC. CrIS was placed in operational mode at 19:30:45 UTC.


PDA OPS subscriptions for all NOAA-20 science products have been disabled as of 21:18:00 UTC on February 3, 2024. NOAA-20 science product subscriptions will be activated after each product is cleared for operations by Cal/Val Team.

NOAA-20 science data is now available through GRAVITE, CLASS and NDE I&T for the Cal/Val teams to perform a full analysis. NOAA-20 PDA OPS science product subscriptions will be activated after each product is cleared for operations.

While NOAA-20 High Rate data (HRD) is enabled, Direct broadcast (DB) users are advised that this NOAA-20 science data is not yet cleared for operational use.

Update #2:  OSPO/MOD/Engineering has determined that the anomaly is the second reset of the NOAA-20 Spacecraft Command Processor (SCP). All instruments are in safe mode. Spacecraft recovery actions are underway. Stored Mission Data (SMD) and any associated products are unrecoverable. Data and advanced products will resume when the spacecraft is fully recovered.

Update #1: IDPS is not receiving any J01 SMD data until further notice. Engineering is investigating a J01 satellite anomaly. Missed data will not be recoverable.


Topic: JPSS J01 SMD Data Delay


Date/Time Issued: February 06, 2024 0000Z


Product(s) or Data ImpactedJPSS J01 SMD Products


Date/Time of Initial Impact:  February 03, 2024 1800Z


Date/Time of Expected End Time:   TBD


Details/Specifics of Change:  No J01 SMD data received on rev 32183 Svalbard and J01 McMurdo rev 32183. Engineering investigating.


Contact Information for Further Information: ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov or 301-817-3880  24x7.


Web Site(s) for applicable information:  N/A


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