Update #3: Supplemental GOES-15 imagery coverage will be extended to 1600 UTC on November 5, 2021.  Only the routine GOES-15 schedule will be utilized during the extended period - the RSO schedule will not be available.

Update #2: Supplemental GOES-15 imagery coverage will be extended to 1600 UTC on September 9, 2021.  Additional coverage requirements beyond September 9th are TBD at this time.  

Update #1: This is the final reminder that Supplemental GOES-15 operations will begin at 1600 UTC on August 4, 2021 and continue until 1600 UTC on September 3, 2021.

Topic: Supplemental GOES-15 Operations 

Date/Time Issued: September 1,  2021 1500 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted: GOES-15

Date/Time of Initial Impact: August 4, 2021 1600 UTC

Date/Time of Expected End: November 5, 2021 1600 UTC

Length of Event : See details below. 

Details/Specifics of Change:

NESDIS will return the GOES-15 imager to temporary service for additional support purposes for Eastern Pacific tropical cyclones by providing imager only coverage. GOES-15 supplemental operations will begin on August 4, 2021 at 1600 UTC and continue through November 5, 2021 1600 UTC. The GOES-15 operating position will be at 128 degrees west. GOES-17 will continue operating in the GOES-West role at 137.2 degrees with all instruments operating nominally. GOES-15 will be running a routine west schedule. 

GOES-15 Re-activation Details: 


Products and Distribution

Due to operational impacts from the GOES-17 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) anomaly, GOES-15 will provide short term imager coverage during the period of August 4, 2021 through Nov 5, 2021 as requested by the National Weather Service.  Additional high-level products from GOES-15 will not be provided.

Contact Information for Further Information: SPSD User Services at SPSD.UserServices@noaa.gov.

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