Administrative: GOES-R Beginner’s Guide is Published, Issued:  November 18, 2020 1615 UTC

Topic: GOES-R Beginner’s Guide & Tools are Published!  

Date/Time Issued:  November 18, 2020 1615 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted: GOES-16/17 ABI Imagery and Level 2 Products

Date/Time of Initial Impact: November 18, 2020 1615 UTC

Date/Time of Expected End:  N/A

Length of Event:  N/A


Details/Specifics of Change: A GOES- R Beginner’s Guide for Users is now available!  The guide includes steps for using cloud services and tools to acquire, analyze, and visualize GOES-R Series data:



The guide describes the GOES-R Series satellite instruments and ground system and outlines access points for retrieving products including the NOAA repository and cloud-based platforms. Sample scripts are provided to demonstrate visualization techniques, such as how to create a multiband RGB true-color image. The final section on frequently asked questions (FAQs) responds to typical user inquiries and offers workarounds to common obstacles.