Update #1 - Final Update-The USMCC calculated and sent time calibration data (TCAL) to a single US LUT at 15/1811Z. Good location data was confirmed after the US LUT tracked S13 and then TCALs were sent to all remaining US LUTs at15/1931.The FMCC provided time calibration data at 15/2218Z and it was validated at the USMCC and distributed. The final US LUT tracked S13 at 16/0248Z and good location data has been confirmed. All filters have been removed.

Topic:SARSAT Satellite S13 (METOP B) Search and Rescue Processor (SARP)anomaly

Date/Time Issued:February 15, 2019 1806Z

Product(s) or Data Impacted: SARSAT alert data

Date/Time of Initial Impact:February 14, 2019 2335Z

Date/Time of Expected End: February 16, 2019 0248Z

Length of Outage: Approximately 1 Day 1 Hour

Details/Specifics of Change:It was determined that the S13SARPfailed after 2335Z on 14 February.

The USMCC placed a filter on S13SARPdata and recommended that all MCCs do the same at 1635Z.

The USMCC is waiting for confirmation of aSARPreset and new time calibration data to be provided by the FMCC.

Impact:Minor-Loss of Storage/forward capability. Satellite is limited to real-time/local distress detection and relay. Timeliness of global coverage detection and relay affected.

Contact Information for Further Information:USMCC Operationsusmcc@noaa.govat301-817-4576

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A

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