Topic: Removing Data from NOAA-20 (JPSS-1) High Rate Data Direct Broadcast

Date/Time Issued: October 26, 2018 17:00 UTC

Product(s) or Data Impacted: The NOAA-20 High Rate Data (HRD) Direct Broadcast data stream. To mitigate impacts to users due to data dropouts experienced on the NOAA-20 HRD since May 2018, data products associated with Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) M07 will be removed. An analysis will be conducted for about one week. If users are still being impacted, then one option is to remove the Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) Field of View #4 (FOV 4) and FOV 6 as well.

Date/Time of Initial Impact: Tentatively scheduled to occur in early December 2018

Date/Time of Expected End: M-BN/A

Length of Event: M-BN/A

Details/Specifics of Change: On May 3, 2018, products with the following application process IDs (APID) associated with the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) M07 and Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) Field of View #4 (FOV 4) and FOV 6 were added to the NOAA-20 HRD data stream. This action was taken so that the data products on HRD would match the data products on the Stored Mission Data (SMD).

806 M-bM-^@M-^S HRD M-bM-^@M-^S M07 (Operational Day and Night)
1318 M-bM-^@M-^S LW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Earth Scene
1320 M-bM-^@M-^S LW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Earth Scene
1327 M-bM-^@M-^S MW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Earth Scene
1329 M-bM-^@M-^S MW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Earth Scene
1336 M-bM-^@M-^S SW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Earth Scene
1338 M-bM-^@M-^S SW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Earth Scene
1345 M-bM-^@M-^S LW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Deep Space
1347 M-bM-^@M-^S LW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Deep Space
1354 M-bM-^@M-^S MW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Deep Space
1356 M-bM-^@M-^S MW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Deep Space
1363 M-bM-^@M-^S SW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Deep Space
1365 M-bM-^@M-^S SW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Deep Space
1372 M-bM-^@M-^S LW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Internal Cal Target
1374 M-bM-^@M-^S LW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Internal Cal Target
1381 M-bM-^@M-^S MW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Internal Cal Target
1383 M-bM-^@M-^S MW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Internal Cal Target
1390 M-bM-^@M-^S SW4 M-bM-^@M-^S Internal Cal Target
1392 M-bM-^@M-^S SW6 M-bM-^@M-^S Internal Cal Target

After the data products were added, the NOAA-20 telemetry indicated that packets were being dropped due the data flow exceeding the 15 Mbps HRD data rate. Analysis of data products generated from several HRD receive stations indicated that VIIRS, CrIS, and ATMS product quality was impacted by the dropped packets. To mitigate the impact to users, data products associated with VIIRS M07 will be removed and the HRD performance will be analyzed for about one week. After that analysis period, if users are still being impacted, then the Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) will consider removing the CrIS FOV 4 and FOV 6.

The impact of the NOAA-20 HRD data dropouts to users will be discussed at the HRD User Group meeting on November 8, 2018. NOAA-20 satellite product users who would like to participate in that meeting should contact Jim McNitt, HRD User Group Chairman, at

Another ESPC Notification will be released 24 hours to 72 hours prior to implementing the configuration change.

Contact Information for Further Information: SPSD User Services

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A

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