Update #1 : The issue was due to the GOES-R system sending incomplete or missing data to PDA, making it unable to properly fill some subscriptions due to lacking necessary data. This was resolved by GOES-R at 1600z. Products affected were ABI-L1b-RadF (214 files affected) and ABI-L1b-RadM (70 files affected).

Topic: GOES-R ROI Sectorization Issue on ESPDS/PDA

Date/Time Issued: October 3, 2018 1920Z

Processing Impacts: All GOES-R ROI-based subscriptions on ESPDS/PDA

Date/Time of Initial Impact: October 3, 2018 0653Z

Date/Time of Expected End: October 3, 2018 1600Z

Length of Event: 9 hours 7 minuets

Details/Specifics of Change: PDA subscriptions for GOES-R data using ROI sectorization are currently experiencing intermittent disruptions. No other subscriptions, including subscriptions which use ROI sectorization or tailoring for other data sources are impacted.

Contact Information for Further Information: ESPC Operations at ESPCOperations@noaa.gov and 301-817-3880.

Web Site(s) for applicable information: N/A