NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

Jason-2 Operations

As operational satellite agencies, NOAA and EUMETSAT jointly conduct the Operational Phases of the OSTM. The NOAA Satellite Operations Control Center (SOCC) is the primary mission operations center. The NOAA Command and Data Acquisition (CDA) stations at Wallops, Virginia and Fairbanks, Alaska serve as the NOAA ground stations, while the command station at Usingen Germany (controlled remotely by SOCC) serves as the EUMETSAT ground station. NOAA and EUMETSAT store the raw mission data at their respective ground stations, generate near real time operational products, and provide access to one another, to operational users, and to CNES. CNES is responsible for generating off-line products. All off-line products are provided to NOAA. NOAA provides data archival and distribution services for the OSTM raw mission data, the near real time operational products, and the off-line products.

OSTM System Overview
OSTM System Chart


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