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OSPO has made the decision to retire certain products from its portfolio. As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline and focus our resources, these products will no longer receive active development and will be retired. We have compiled a comprehensive table below that lists all the retired products, along with relevant details such as product names, data source and date of retirement. Please refer to the table below for the complete list of retired products.

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to explore our active product offerings, which receive regular updates and support from our dedicated teams. If you have any further questions regarding the retired products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our User Services team.

Algorithms/Products Data Source Retired or to be Retired Existing Missions/Mitigation Date of Retirement PALs (POC)
MODIS Biomass Burning Emissions Product Application (emissions, fire radiative power, burned area) Terra and Aqua VIIRS GBBEP-x 10/31/2022 
CLAVR-X Processing (AIX) NOAA-19 and Metop-B Metop-B/C Enterprise Clouds SNPP and N20 VIIRS Clouds 10/31/2022
MODIS Ocean Color System Aqua VIIRS Ocean Color 10/31/2022
EOS Data Retrieval (MODIS) System Terra and Aqua 10/31/2022
MODIS for HMS Terra and Aqua SNPP and N20 VIIRS Imagery and Active Fire, G16 ABI imagery and Fire 10/31/2022 
MODIS Dust Mask Algorithm Terra and Aqua VIIRS Aerosol Products 10/31/2022 
Ozone (OOPS/ROPES) (NOAA-19) NOAA-19 OMPS TOZ, OMPS TOS, OMPS NP 10/31/2022 
SBUV Version 8 (NOAA-19) NOAA-19 OMPS TOZ, OMPS TOS, OMPS NP 10/31/2022 
Earth Radiation Budget (RADBUD) NOAA-15/18/19 and Metop-B CrIS OLR 9/30/2023 
Green Vegetation Index NOAA-15/18/19 and Metop-B VIIRS Vegetation Index 10/31/2022 
SSM/I(S) EDR/SDR/TDRs Conversion DMSP F17/F18 SSM/I(S) EDR/SDR/TDRs Binary format 10/31/2022 
AVHRR CoastWatch SST Products NOAA-15 SNPP and N20 VIIRS ACSPO Sea Surface Temperature Metop-B and Metop-C AVHRR ACSPO Sea Surface Temperature 1/17/2023  
GIS Products NOAA-19 and DMSP 17/18 5/15/2023 
Advanced TIROS Op Vertical Sounder NOAA-19 and Metop-B NOAA-19 and Metop-B SNPP and N20 , Metop-B/C HEAP Products 2/6/2023
Autosnow DMSP 17/18 MetOp-B/C AVHRR, GCOM-W1 AMSR2, and GPM GMI 8/1/2023