NOAA Office of Satellite and Product Operations

Satellite Footprints

What is a satellite footprint?  It is the area of the earth visible to the satellite.  The best way to visualize a satellite footprint is to view the full disk image from that satellite.  This graphic depicts the GOES-East footprint (full disk image), with a representation of the coverage for the CONUS Extended, Northern Hemisphere Extended, and Southern Hemisphere scan sectors.  Here's a link to the same graphic for GOES-West.  The ability to accurately view the earth deteriorates near the edge of the footprint, so multiple satellites are used allowing footprints to overlap providing coverage for these areas.

GOES East Satellite Footprint

Full Disk Images:

GOES East centered over 75°W Longitude
GOES West centered over 135°W Longitude
Meteosat (MSG-2) centered over 0°E Longitude
Indian Ocean (Meteosat-7) centered over 57°E Longitude
Himawari-8 centered over 140.7°E Longitude